We’re not stupid…or are we?

I am the sort of person who doesn’t dive into data, statistics or accept the information deluged enforcing my inquisitive mind to accept or believe what is been told. So should one be whilst reading this.

Is it true that deception has overcome truth? Deceit has overpowered honesty? If so, why has it? Who’s to blame? I am pretty certain, a lot of people would instantly think of the bad experiences they’ve come across and ask, what is the cure? Well, I believe we are the cure but we’re stupid enough not to realize this or clever enough to ignore it and move on.

We’re so lost in our own worlds that we have prioritized our lives to be peaceful only for our own selves. One day, I was shopping and stumbled across an old college friend, who left his country to pursue a postgraduate degree. We greeted warmly and arranged to meet at his place to remember the good old times. Gladly so, I went, but first question was where do I work? What shifts I work? How much I earn and even asked what my dream job would be. All these questions struck to me and I didn’t want to answer any of those because supposedly, that’s not why I went there. But after a number of meetings with other people, a lot of questions started to flood my mind and I thought I’d try to discover before it crumbles my brain.

Everyone deserves a right to lead a peaceful, dignified life but nature doesn’t reward unless we pass the ups and downs and challenges of life. As Walter Anderson quoted “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are”, something which today’s generation isn’t aware of or something parents missed to pass on to their offspring.

We are jealous of others success, we have idealized our lives where we cannot compromise on others being ahead or successful than us. We meet our relatives, friends, colleagues and tell them faked stories and cleverly fabricated lies, they believe as if true and being told in the most humble manner. For sure, we’re better than animals because we possess one quality they don’t and that is to use the brain, and it’s a shame we misuse it so intelligently. It’s us who are cunning to gain sympathy when needed and backstab when necessary. The irony is, in both cases when felony surfaces, we staunchly defend its validity. Seldom have we realized how it could have hurt the other because we are stupid to rectify the deep seeded resent towards the other despite the fact there is no apparent hatred. It’s just that it so satisfies our vile isn’t it.

We’ve mostly lost our vanity and perhaps crossed the line of insanity giving birth to a cynic society which will base on individualism, distrust and corruption. Even now we know this but we’re being too stupid to comprehend. Even me, I am not bathed or massaged with milk in India to purify me off my sins, but one thing that sheltered me from harming someone is what my mother said when I was eight, she said “You don’t always have to be in a situation to understand the pros and cons of life. At times you won’t even know your mistake but if you do, put yourself at guilt and never defend your deed. Once you realize, the inner satisfaction is beyond words.”
Yes, we are not stupid to realize, everybody will say so…But I am a bit pessimistic about it.

Mansoor H Khan

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