Deprivity? or simply lack of courage?

The political nexus between India, USA and Israel is the root cause of all the issues and atrocities suffered by Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Africa and Bosnia…to name a few. Pakistan is the only country that doesn’t accept India as a super-power. India knows this but how could one say this to the Western government and its people who’re already too fat to move from their sofa in front of a fireplace and too cold to think about anything. Perhaps, the people don’t want to know this because media is controlled by Zionist masterminds who are staunch believers in ‘imperialism’ and cannot afford an alternate system. West now knows their system is failing and Islam is the only alternate, respectful, righteous, honest and just system.

To all the Pakistanis living overseas, I have come across not a single individual with the courage to say in favor of Pakistan, come to common terms, explain with wisdom to all that is happening. The media is promoting all sorts of rubbish  to add fuel to fire whilst our nation is busy memorizing latest Hindi songs, watching latest films, playing “antakshari”, dressing orange shalwar kameez and dhotis for newly born.

Pakistan’s image has been tarnished blatantly ever since Benazir was assassinated, even then there was no justification left for me to answer to all question I was flooded with that all this was an external plot. Why? because of the riots and a loss of over $1 billion (USD) in Karachi only. No one tried to stop the other from damaging our own resources. To add to this. RAW agents from India burned approximately 63 railway stations, 150 bogies and 30 locomotives to seclude Pakistan and an attempt to destabilize the railway network. Pakistan’s utterly useless politicians called her a martyr. To me, I can summon her death as “khas kam jahan paak”.

On top of all this, an article has been published on Wikipedia website titled “Terrorism in Pakistan”. There is no justification or proof to anything. The worst part is the enormous gap between people and governments is widening to an extent where an implosion can be foreseen.

For the idiot like Zardari and USA’s overflowing hot-blooded fervid Congressmen, their deception is no surprise to me but when we put ourselves accountable, they do put us to shame.

My question remains unanswered…Are we dead or deprived?

Mansoor H Khan

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