Malaysian Airlines MH370 – Another political stunt?

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People should know (the majority of people who choose to follow the media and be blindfolded are idiots of highest level) that main purpose is to cause divide within Asia with long term plan to disintegrate Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is being targeted all the time with sole intention to defame its existence as a menace and to reshape the Middle East. 

DO NOTE that not many people know that around 30-35 Chinese high profile scientists were on-board the Malaysian Airlines. Those scientists were experts in ‘stealth technology’ and USA didn’t want China to work on that. That being said, the flight was actually from Malaysia to China and diverted route has very large and secret American military base in the Pacific Ocean named ‘Diego Garcia’ and especially Indian command posts (funded and highly supported by USA to maintain unrest in the Middle Easst) at Andaman and Nicobar are within the same path of the diverted route. 
No wonder why from Rupert Murdoch to media and the ‘imposed system’ which stops any sort of enquiry or questioning the US Govt direct involvement is the reason why in this day and age the plane hasn’t been found. The two potential outcomes are;

1- The Chinese scientists will be killed or kidnapped and the plane later crashed into the ocean and later declared that it is found.
2- The plane is not to be found at any cost and similar to 9/11, another plane will be used for a ‘fake’ attack on Israel to justify Israel’s statement of going at war with Iran alone (as Israel and the breast fed Middle Eastern countries depending on USA funding Syrian rebels are losing the war against Bashar government supported by Iran).

United States is now using Bahrain to maintain their stay in Asia to create Shia Sunni unrest to disintegrate KSA and now KSA is alone. It is about time Pakistan should stand firm on its ground and a person like Vladimir Putin to stand opposed and shame the evil of USA/ISRAEL.

Lastly, all this will make sense if you know how CIA got involved with Ukraine unrest and then set a puppet government and then took away the ‘gold’ which Ukraine was enriched with and moved to US Federal Reserve. Now Russia realised this and this is the reason why US is hurting and ignoring the people power and their right to join Russia and still threatening war. So much for US Govt and its discriminatory evil plans.

In short, I summarize this by captioning US Govt politics as ‘The Pied Piper Story’.

Media elements should be strong enough to question USA more than cashing on negative energy to generate more propaganda. There will be a lot more to unravel but I seriously hope it doesn’t take long enough to allow mindset of ordinary people to be poisoned and generate hatred and anger to an all new level. 

By: Mansoor Habib

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3 Responses to Malaysian Airlines MH370 – Another political stunt?

  1. Mansoor Habib says:

    another strategic analyst shared this note directly on Youtube…and I quote…
    Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 hasn’t vanished. The Boeing 777 carrying 239 people to Beijing China was shot down by the U.S. Carrier Strike Group Five. Radar tracking of the ill fated flight gives evidence of an aircraft being deployed at supersonic speeds (afterburner) from the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier that is part of U.S. Carrier Strike Group Five. The radar imagery shows an unknown blimp just seconds before an aircraft blimp suddenly appears. The aircraft blimp is seen flying at a much higher rate of speed than all other radar blimps for a few seconds before slowing down. Aircrafts are launched from an aircraft carrier at a very high rate of speed. Pilots engage their aircraft’s afterburners as the aircraft carrier catapults the aircraft off the deck. The United States is using a stolen passport cover story to divert attention and blame away from the U.S. Carrier Strike Group Five that was deployed just south east of the flight path of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
    Radar tracking presents evidence that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 dropped off radar just north of the U.S. Carrier Strike Group Five. The area where an aircraft suddenly appeared flying a supersonic speed has no islands. The only logically explanation for the sudden appearance of an aircraft flying at supersonic speed is a military fighter jet being launched from an aircraft carrier. For this reason the U.S. is diverting attention from the downed crash site by having everyone looking to the north.

  2. I agree a 100% with this. The above stated material is good enough for a self explanation , its a fact indeed that we are bound to think and assume whatever we are told through media only none of us care to actually go into the depth of what’s going on what’s behind the scene. *thumbs up* Mansoor H Khan for sharing your knowledge with us maybe this will change the perspective of many amongst us.
    This plan was planted by the US and Israel ages back on order to destroy Ummat-e- Mohammadi. I just want to say that wake up world this ain’t no joke.

  3. Mansoor Habib says:

    A very kind and respected brother BUSTED after very profound in-depth research.

    Please save and share this as much as you can before it gets removed.

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